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Zouave Chapter is roughly located in Northern Virginia. We do not claim any territory.

Our name is inspired from the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment. They were a highly decorated civil war unit and were known as Duryea Zouaves.

They have a monument at Stop 9 on the Manassas Battlefield Driving Tour that marks the spot where on August 30, 1862, the regiment, 482 strong, supported Hazlett’s Battery, “D” 5th U.S. Artillery, when attacked by a Division of the victorious Confederates. The Regiment stubbornly withstood this force, and checked its advance, until the Battery had withdrawn.
In holding this position, the regiment suffered the greatest loss of life sustained by any infantry regiment, in any battle, during the entire Civil War.
The casualties were: killed or mortally wounded, 124; wounded 223. Both color bearers, and seven out of eight of the color guard were killed; but the colors were brought with honor, off the field.

This unit was inspired by the earlier French Zouave units that operated in North Africa and were highly decorated and comprised of men of widespread  ethnic diversity.

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